Monday, 30 August 2010

GnR Pics!

Our friends at Bad Ampitude did it again and totally rocked us out with their Guns n Roses tribute band act last night. It was a totally awesome set and stage and everyone had a fantastic time. Bad Ampitude will be back in 2 weeks time doing their Linkin Park tribute band and that's sure to be another fantastic night!

Pics of GnR are on the club Flickr site, here's a taster and the linkij

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Winter White Party Pics!

The photos from last yesterdays Winter White party have now been uploaded to the !Exodus! Flickr Group. Please feel free to browse, comment and join the group and share your pics from !Exodus!

Here's a taster of the pics and a link to the Flickr site.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Guns n Roses SL Tribute Band Sunday 29th August

Bad Ampitude will be back at !Exodus! this Sunday, 29th August with their version of a SL Tribute Act of Guns n Roses. The show is sure to be packed as always with all the iconic tunes from GnR's catalogue. Don't miss the Show, Sim space is limited so get their early!

Saturday 28th August 2010 Theme Party

Well, in the UK it's an August Bank Holiday weekend - the last of the summer public holidays so it's sure to be freezing cold and rain all day.

With that in mind the theme for Saturday's party is Winter White and we'll be transforming the club into a Wintery Wonderland. The line up for the evening is:

1-3pm SLT DJ Jamie - L$1000 Best in Winter Whites Contest
3-5pm SLT DJ Greywolf
5-7pm SLT DJ River
7-9pm SLT DJ Todd - L$1000 Best in Winter Whites Contest

Monday, 23 August 2010

Elysum debut @ !Exodus!

So, we had Elysum do their live music debut for us at !Exodus! Rock Club last night on the pier stage and it was was awesome turnout. I've taken a few pics and added them to the Exodus Flickr group. If you're not already a member of the group please join us and feel free to add your pics.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Live Music Sunday 22nd August 2010

2pm SLT 22nd August 2010 will be the debut of Elysum at !Exodus! Rock Club. The rocking duo of Lorel Bravin and his RL brother Elys Mistwalker will be rocking the club with a mix of your favourite rock tunes from the likes of GnR and Nirvana.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Under the Sea Party @ !Exodus!

As I write we are still rocking out to the first party of the night with DJ Jamie and it's fun, fun, fun! Pics are already being uploaded to our Flickr group but here's a taster...

Check out the rest of the pics here

Friday, 20 August 2010

Saturday 21st August Theme Party

Calling all Little Mermaids and Mermans of !Exodus!

Our theme for our Saturday party this week is UNDER THE SEA.

Contests will run throughout the night as follows:

1-3pm SLT with DJ Jamie L$1000
3-5pm SLT with DJ Greywolf L$ 500
5-7pm SLT with DJ River L$500
7-9pm SLT with DJ Todd L$1000

So dust off your fins, oil up your scaley bits, drink like a Fish and head on over to !Exodus! for Saturday party night!

!Exodus! makes it into the SL Destination Guide!

Fantastic news! We are a showcased Rock Club in the SL destination guide on the website and in world and the difference it's made has been astronomical. It's brought a whole new bunch of awesome rockers to our door already and I'm sure will bring more!

Here's a link to our section of the SL website. Well done to all the team and VIP's that make !Exodus! such a fantastic hang out and rawkin place to be - this is our opportunity for more of the great people of SL to see just how awesome you all are!

Flickr Group !Exodus!

We have our very own Flickr group for !Exodus! Rock Club where we can all share our pics of events and those fun times at the club.

Check it out here